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The second printing of "Hear The Hammer" is now available. We will sign books upon request at no extra chare.
BOOK-Hear The Hammer ~ The Story of Montana’s Ruana Knives. This is the same original book with a new look. A must for anyone interested in the history of Ruana Knives. Originally published in 1995 and reprinted in 2012, it tells the story from Rudy Ruana’s start in knife making, to his son in law, Vic Hangas joining him in the trade, to present day operations at Ruana Knife Works, Inc. Sections include insight into Rudy Ruana’s life, previously published articles, customer comments, technical information on older knives and their markings, past brochures and price lists. It’s what we use as a resource for dating old Ruana Knives. Published by Mandell and Towsley. Written by Stephen Smith.
  • $25 - Sold separately or $ 30 shipped via Priority Mail for one book. If more than one book is shipped or UPS shipping is used, our standard shipping rates will apply.
  • $20 - When shipped with new knife purchase. Limited to one book per new knife at this price.
  • Quantity Discount - Contact us for other quantity (mininimum 10 books) discount options.
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